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Why taali...

About Taali

Taali is more than just a brand—it is a celebration of joy, a commitment to experiential learning, and a testament to the preservation of India’s cultural heritage. With our range of toys and games, we strive to inspire children’s imagination, foster their intellectual growth, and create lasting memories of fun and learning. Our toys are thoughtfully designed to provide children with hands-on learning experiences that ignite their creativity, foster critical thinking skills, promote problem-solving abilities, and facilitate psycho-social development. We firmly believe in the power of play and experiential learning, as these approaches actively engage children, making the learning process more enjoyable and impactful.

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Taali Logo

Taali, derived from the Hindi word for claps, represents a universal expression of joy that transcends age, language, gender, and status. It is with this spirit of happiness and enthusiasm that Taali was born, fueled by the passion of three young women entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. Taali has emerged as a brand that offers experiential learning through toys and games.

Our Vision

"At Taali Toys, our vision is to transform the landscape of education by making learning an immersive, joyous adventure. We aspire to be pioneers in crafting experiential tools that not only meet educational standards but also spark curiosity, creativity, and cultural pride in every child. Guided by inclusivity, we envision a future where every young mind, regardless of background or abilities, has equal access to quality educational experiences. Our journey is rooted in the belief that education extends beyond textbooks — it's a tapestry of stories, hands-on experiences, and ethical values. We see Taali Toys as more than playthings; they are cultural ambassadors, designed to instill a love for learning and a deep connection to our heritage. At the heart of our vision is sustainability — not just in the materials we use but in the impact we make. We see Taali Toys contributing to the growth of local communities, championing ethical manufacturing, and fostering a sense of responsibility towards our planet. Taali Toys’ vision is to be a catalyst for a brighter, more inclusive educational future. We envision a world where the joy of learning knows no bounds, where every child's potential is nurtured, and where education becomes a lifelong adventure filled with discovery and delight."

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eco-friendly and sustainable practices for creating toys and games.
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encouraging creativity and developing your children’s imagination. 
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 teaching moral values through our toys and games.
designed to showcase the beauty and rich history of Indian culture. 
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Meet the kalakaars!

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Sakshi Mate

Product Development Lead

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Mrunmai Joshi

Financial Lead

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Somkanta Chatterjee

Business Strategist

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From Friends To Founders!

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It all began during COVID!

Still Graduating...

Went on our ways

Got back together !

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The journey from creators to sellers

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As creators, we created Taali, but assellers, they want to offer their innovativesolution to as many people as possible inan effort to change the world and have animpact on society.

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