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The National Education Policy (NEP) of India, introduced in 2020, places a strong emphasis on sports-integrated learning as a vital component of holistic education. The NEP seeks to incorporate physical education and sports into the curriculum at all levels of schooling, mainly in early childhood education. Furthermore, it promotes skill development and values such as teamwork, leadership, discipline, and fair play through these sports and physical activities.

Thirty Crow Activity


An engaging activity inspired by the timeless tale of the "Thirsty Crow" or "Pyasa Kauva." In this activity, children are presented with a creatively designed setup where they assigned the task of collect pebbles from a designated starting point followed by a fun-filled hopscotch game and drop their collected pebbles into the vessel.



An educational color recognition activity inspired by the story of “Khatte Angur.” In this activity, children are given a setup featuring a board with colorful grapes along with a vibrant pathway which is artfully laid out before them. The primary objective for the children is to select their preferred color of grapes carefully match the color of the grapes they’ve chosen with the corresponding color on the pathway. Finally, they drop their chosen grapes into the basket of the same color

Rabbit Tortoise Activity


A dynamic learning activity inspired by the Panchatantra story of “The Rabbit and the Tortoise.” This activity serves as an interactive way for teaching number counting through physical engagement. The setup features a massive jigsaw puzzle, designed to be solved through the careful application of number counting. Much like the persistent tortoise in the story, children are tasked with arranging the puzzle pieces to create a clear pathway.

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Dive into the joy of Yogic, a game that brings fun animal-inspired yoga poses to kids. The unique flower layout encourages interactive play, letting children face each other for a shared yoga experience. With the teacher at the center, Yogic becomes a hub for guidance and inspiration as kids explore animal poses. Animal poses open the door to yoga for young minds, allowing them to mimic butterflies, lions, monkeys, and more. This imaginative approach captivates children, fostering engagement and playfulness. Yoga poses in Yogic help children discover control and balance, integrating body, mind, and spirit. Even for the littlest ones, yoga contributes to physical development by enhancing balance—whether lying down, bending, standing, or navigating the art of balancing. Yogic, with its innovative design, adds fun and interactivity to yoga poses for children. Join us in this journey where yoga becomes a playful exploration, nurturing both physical and imaginative growth in our young ones. Dive into Yogic for a blend of joy and wellness for kids.


Enjoy the game of Matsyavedh inspired by the classic Mahabharata tale of Arjuna and his legendary archery skills. Join the Pandava brothers as they take on an archery challenge set by their respected Archery Guru, Guru Dronacharya. The task is simple – aim at the eye of a handing wooden fish. While Yudhisthira and Bhima got distracted by the sky, birds, tree, and leaves, Arjuna's laser-focused aim on the fish's eye earned him praise from Guru Dronacharya for his clear precision. This story highlights the crucial lesson of staying focused to achieve success. Explore Arjuna's story, where his undistracted focus and commitment to hitting the target teach us that staying concentrated leads to triumph. When playing Matsyavedh, uncover the timeless wisdom within this tale. It's not just a game but a journey into meaningful lessons, where chasing goals amidst distractions mirrors the essence of achieving success. Ready for an adventure with Matsyavedh?

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