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SKU: FOK22001

Introducing our MURKH RAJA, designed to nurture your child's development while making learning a blast! This toy is specifically crafted to enhance vital skills, making it an excellent addition to your child's playtime repertoire.

  • 1. Spatial Awareness: Murkh raja sparks curiosity and fosters spatial awareness. As your child engages with these thoughtfully designed toys, they'll explore concepts like size, shape, and arrangement, all crucial for understanding spatial relationships.

    2. Eye-Hand Coordination: With Murkh Raja, your little one will enhance their eye-hand coordination. As they manipulate and interact with different elements, they'll sharpen their ability to make precise movements and develop better control over their hands and eyes.

    3. Motor Skill Development: Watch as your child's motor skills flourish! Murkh Raja encourages hands-on exploration and manipulation, allowing kids to practice fine motor skills such as grasping, stacking, and balancing.

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