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APNA TYOHAR | Indian States and their Festivals Card Game

APNA TYOHAR | Indian States and their Festivals Card Game

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Celebrate the rich tapestry of India's diverse culture and festivals with "Apna Tyohar," a captivating educational game that not only entertains but also enlightens. This game is a gateway to understanding Indian states and their festivals while fostering essential cognitive skills.

  • 1. Understanding Indian States and Its Festivals: Apna Tyoharoffers an immersive way to explore India's vibrant cultural landscape. Players delve into the traditions, festivals, and unique characteristics of various Indian states, promoting cultural awareness and appreciation.

    2. Improves Concentration: Engage in a game that demands focus and attention. Apna Tyohar challenges players with trivia, quizzes, and memory tests related to Indian festivals and states. This not only makes learning fun but also enhances concentration skills.

    3. Develops Memory:Sharpen your memory with interactive gameplay. The game encourages players to recall details about different states, their festivals, and associated customs. This memory-enhancing element contributes to better cognitive development.

    With Apna Tyohar, cultural learning becomes an exciting adventure that brings players closer to the heart of India's cultural diversity. Immerse yourself in the colors, traditions, and festivals of India while enhancing your concentration and memory skills.


  • Total 40 cards
    3 sets of 6 states, 3 sets of 6 festivals, 4 blank cards